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April 23, 2017

Updated: Kylie Jenner Badmouthed by Protesters Among Hundreds of Fans in Las Vegas

Kylie Jenner came across hundreds of her fans and also haters at the launch event of Sugar Factory in Las Vegas on Saturday.
The 19-year old makeup icon and Keeping Up With the Kardashian star was happily welcome by her fans around the area. Haters were also taken note of among her fans at the launch event.
Many men and women even those with children and babies came to the restaurant and candy store to catch a glimpse of her. She took selfies with many of them including a woman carrying a baby. It was all just a fun weekend for her at the event as fans kept chanting Kylie...Kylie...Kylie.
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The area was flocked with hundreds of her fans on hearing of her arrival at the event. Many were overwhelmed by her appearance especially when she stopped to take selfies with some of them.

On the otherhand, a group of anti-fur protesters were also noticed among the fans outside the resturant because not everybody was a fan.

The animal rights protesters were chanting that she has the blood of innocent animals on her hands, this scenario cut short her stay at the event.

They were beefing the star for wearing fur of which she was not wearing at the event, but has in the past. The protesters were loud, but never got physical with her unlike those who attacked her sister, Kim, with nails some years ago.                                                 
Kylie was putting on a skintight, sleeveless beige and gray striped mini dress, but that didn't stop the protesters. She was been bad mouth for wearing fur in the past.

She was not really disturbed with the presence of the protesters at first as she was busy taking selfies with some of her fans and also Snapchat videos.
She waved and responded quite well to the gestures of her fans at the Launch event. She left the event early as the up-roars of the anti-fur protesters was getting louder, noticeable and disturbing.

More video clips were also shared, see below

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